Why Astha IT

Astha IT provides an array of information technology services to its international clients. Its portfolio of expertise includes two major industry requirements of today's time - web and mobile application development.

Astha IT is committed to using the right technology for the right purpose. We have a superlative team of designers and developers who make sure each of our solutions is just perfect! Our technology expertise covers a wide range of platforms such as .NET, PHP, Javascript, and all mobile techs (native and hybrid). We have established procedures that enable us to master new technologies quickly. The combination of superstar developers and their skills on industry standard technologies is what makes us a “killer” company!

If you are looking for a technology solution provider that can deliver results on time and on budget, you would probably want to call us. Part of the reason why we can deliver on our commitment to you is because we have a great team and cutting edge technologies in our arsenal.

Astha IT is all about quick turnaround and efficiency. But the main reason we win business is because these two attributes converge to a single point – customer satisfaction. Everything about our service is focused on end users, so we’re always looking for solutions that fit your model.

Astha IT focuses on advising its clients on how best to use information technology to meet their business objectives. In addition to providing advice, it implements, deploys and administers technology solutions on its clients’ behalf.

The most significant benefit you will experience while dealing with us is getting all your required services under a single umbrella. Once you put forward a technology problem in front of us, we take care of all the phases starting from planning, development, deployment, and post-deployment tech support as a single package of solution.

There is a wage-gap between industrialized and developing nations. You can hire several outstanding software developers here in Bangladesh, which is a country with a very low cost of living, at the wage of one western developer! This enables you to lower your production cost and invest the saved capital more on marketing. We try our best to provide IT services to our clients at a rate that is substantially lower than other IT service providers of our country.

We are extremely proud of our pool of world-class talents who possess expertise in diverse areas of computing and information technology. Quality is always on top of our priority list, and we take proper measure to ensure it. Top-notch quality comes “hand-in-hand” with our services and our confidence makes us ready to sign any Service Level Agreement (SLA) as a part of our outsourcing contract if you desire.

You can now assign more qualified professionals for a single task owing to lower cost of production or development which vastly accelerates the publishing of your product. Your product gets access to the market in a much reduced time thus giving you an edge over your competitors.

We experienced that our clients usually face two common problems that eventually lead them to outsource – a) Access to intellectual property and wider experience and knowledge and b) Access to operational best practice that would be too difficult or time consuming to develop in-house. In order to be the outsourcing partner of your choosing, we are in a constant urge to keep ourselves updated with latest tools and technologies and build an ever-growing knowledge-base that helps us build a solution of your customization.

All of our team members are fluent speakers of English language. This ensures an advanced comfort level on both ends and makes the communication easy and trivial.

We are practitioners of standard software development methodologies and we follow the proper principles for each phase of software development and testing life cycle. This ensures on-time and quality delivery of services to you.

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