We are a team of entrepreneurs, engineers and business people by profession, and change agents by spirit.

Astha IT was founded in 2008. Since its very beginning, the company has been grounded on two fundamental principles: solve problems and help people – in the best possible way!

Hasnaeen Rizvi Rahman

Founder of Astha IT

What is Astha IT?

Astha IT is an ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) certified software development company that specializes in building massively scalable systems. It is a private limited company.

Founded in 2008 and originally headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh – we help governments, large-scale enterprises and startups build successful products that users love. Our clients are spread across four continents and belong to many different industries.

As a celebration of stepping into the 15th year of operation, we moved our headquarters to the US, legally becoming an American company. This strategic move propels us closer to changing the world with technology while we remain committed to delivering excellence and driving progress in the IT industry.

What ‘Astha’ means

Astha (pronounced aas’thaa) is a word in Bengali language that means trust, which is exactly what we have won of our valued clients over the decade. We thank everyone for relying on us as a guide and partner in growth. It inspires us to do the best in what we do.

What we stand for

Mission: Empower Lives with Safe Technology for a Better World
Vision: Innovate Endlessly, Grow Limitlessly

5 core values of Astha IT

We are:
1. Customer-caring
2. Ownership-taking
3. Perfection-craving
4. Empathy-spreading
5. Fast-moving

Our achievements

In 2022, Astha IT became an ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) certified software company. Also, we have received awards from the government of Bangladesh for being the top software exporting company in the following years:





Meet the team that makes it happen!

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Meet the TeamOur Culture

Our very first team at 2008.

Astha IT began as an offshore software development company, working with clients from North America, Australia, Europe and Asia. Our clients included businesses, non-profits, fintechs, start-ups, game companies and technology firms. We have delivered countless websites and applications that are running successfully on the web and mobile platforms. Check out the full history of how we were born and grew to this stage.