Astha IT launches their second Dev Bootcamp with twenty coding champions.

Nov 14, 2021 |
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Astha IT has started the second batch of their one-of-a-kind internship program known as ‘Dev Bootcamp’ with another batch of coders on the 3rd of November, 2021. It will be running till the 31st of January.

Unfortunately, the majority of university graduates of our country are not prepared well enough to immediately join the workforce. Especially in the software industry, there is a large gap between academic education and the practical implementation of it. A fresh graduate very rarely has the well-rounded skill set to mature as a software engineer. In this context, an advanced training-based position within the software industry itself can serve as the bridge from academic to professional life for many CS graduates.
Astha IT’s internship programme started last year through their inaugural Dev Bootcamp with a plan to recur yearly. It’s a three-month long program designed around preparing fresh CS graduates for the software development industry. It promises to provide hands-on, project-based 360 degree training to a group of talented graduates. There are dedicated training sessions on Design Patterns, Software Architecture, GIT, Distributed Programming & Microservice, DevOps among other topics conducted by tech professionals specializing in corresponding technology.

With a few exceptions, we have noticed that a vast majority of computer science graduates of our country are not industry-ready. Some are very good problem solvers, but do not know much about tech. Some know tech well, but do not know how to mature as a complete software engineer,”

– says Hasnaeen Rizvi Rahman, the founder and CEO of Astha IT.

With the motivation of solving this issue to some extent, Astha IT went through a rigorous process of filtering coders with promising capabilities to be invited into the internship program. The process of selection included a programming contest where applicants were to solve problems curated for their expected skill level.
While talking about the participants, the COO of the company, Tasnuva Ahmed mentioned that they’ve noticed a lack of female participation in this sector. They will be taking initiative to solve this major issue in their upcoming activities.
However, the twenty best performing candidates from the programming contest have been selected and invited to receive an advanced training in-house at Astha IT without any cost. And the company looks forward to hiring as many of the interns as they can based on the interns’ performance during this program.
Training for this batch of Dev Bootcamp will end on 31st January, 2022. A third batch is also expected to start next year. You can find details about the internship here.
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