Dev Bootcamp 2022 is launched with a new batch of coding champs.

Aug 22, 2022 |
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Astha IT has kickstarted its third consecutive year of Dev Bootcamp for Coding Champs on August 14, 2022. It is a unique internship program tailored to fresh computer science graduates of our country. 22 fresh and talented CS graduates joined this year’s programme to embark on a 3 months long journey of hands-on, project-based, 360-degree industry-standard training.

The Founder and CEO of Astha IT, Hasnaeen Rizvi Rahman talks about who this internship is for. He says,

“Anyone who eats, drinks and sleeps code, this is for them. Anyone who wants to be a rockstar developer that would fit in any world-class software company, this is for them.”

This year’s Dev Bootcamp will cover topics ranging from basics such as HTML and CSS to advanced ones such as React & Next.js, Flutter, Microservices and DevOps among others. The curriculum consists of not only elaborate lectures and presentations on said topics but also hands-on projects supervised by Astha IT’s finest developers. The mission, vision and the other details of this program can be found here.

Astha IT will hire the best performing participants of the bootcamp as soon as the programme ends. The rest of the interns will be helped with job placements as well. On top of that, every participant will receive certifications on their experience and achievement.

Astha IT is a global software development company headquartered in the US and with a development center in Asia, exporting engineering and product development services to North America, Europe and Australia since 2008. We have been the winner of the top software exporting awards from BASIS in 2013, 2014 and 2020. Known for its growth-oriented culture, the company volunteers its resources to the development of future software engineering talents every year.

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