Project ideas to boost up your programming skills.

Aug 28, 2022 |
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Projects are a fun and foolproof method to learn any subject. They not only enrich your knowledge but also teach you how to use that in creating something. Although any learner can benefit from doing their own projects, programmers are particularly important in this list.

Learning to program is kind of a big deal. There are a lot of things to learn already and new knowledge always keeps coming from various directions. Today you are learning a new programming language, tomorrow you may come across a new web framework. It can quite understandably be overwhelming and many get confused with where to start.

But working on your own programming project can make the learning process much less overwhelming as you are only focusing on solving the next problem, accomplishing the next step of your plan in the best way possible. And it gets all your programming related skills honed.

I have no doubt that you know why you need to invest your time in programming projects, but you may be wondering how you could get started? What projects to focus on? And what is the right project for your skill level? To answer all these questions, we have designed today’s article with some of our coolest programming project ideas and divided them into two categories depending on skill level required. So let’s jump right in!

Beginner-friendly Project Ideas

These are the projects you can start with just the basic programming knowledge even if you do not have any experience. They are simple software, yet they may seem difficult to complete in the beginning. Stick with it and you will get a thorough understanding of how programming works in whatever language you choose along with an upgraded portfolio to amaze your future employer.

1. Calculator

This is one of the most common beginner software projects and for good reason. You will get to practice writing a layout and using logic that processes information from the number and symbols you included in the layout. Pairing JavaScript with HTML and CSS is a great way to build this application.

2. Note-taking or To-do List App

Both of these are wonderful projects for a beginner programmer to improve their skills, especially the ability to create a UI. A note-taking or to-do list app’s UI is simple with many elements such as buttons, animations and user interactions. Personalize the app the way you want to create it both in appearance and in functionality and then you can add it to your portfolio to show it off. This type of projects can be built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well.

3. Blood Donation Website

This project should provide a simple database to a demographic with information about blood donors against their blood group and donation availability. Which means your code will need to process the results of whether or not a donor is able to donate blood based on their last donation date. While creating this, you need to think of its interactability as users will need to input and search data.

4. Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Even if you don’t want to become a video game developer, developing small games with simple logic can really help your programming skills shine. Tic-Tac-Toe is a well-known classic we are mostly familiar with. You already know the rules, now you need to code the logic. But this is not as simple as it seems. Coding when to end a game of Tic-Tac-Toe can be quite the workout for a new coder brain. You can create the game using HTML, CSS and JavaScript along with quite a few muscles of your brain!

5. A Simple Slideshow

No, not on Google Slides. Using JavaScript. This is going to be a little less work and a little more fun. But if you want to be a web developer, this is something that will come handy many times in the future. This project will teach you how to interact with the Document Object Model (DOM) in a browser to create dynamic features in a website. You will need to use these logics many times in your future career as a web developer, so better learn early!

Intermediate Project Ideas

Now that you are past the level of doing simple projects to understand the workings of programming, you may want a few ideas to enhance some of your skills too. Skills like how to create a beautiful interface or how to extract data from an HTML document can be practiced and thoroughly understood from completing some programming projects. The ones in this list are advanced enough to challenge you while being not too long and bulky that consumes too much of your time.

1. Simple E-commerce Website

Almost every developer has to build an ecommerce website at least once in their career. It is one of the most demanded technology solutions of this time and age. Practicing building a simple e-commerce website in the early stages of your career or even before will not only give you a skill bump but also provide your portfolio with a great weight. To complete this project, build your own ecommerce website with product grids and prices of products and add-to-cart buttons.

2. A Game of Chess

We all know chess. It is a game that’s popularly known all over the world. You can take this classic and turn it into a video game. From mapping out your chess board and designing your pieces to turning chess concepts into algorithms that a computer will understand, programming a game of chess can be the full package of development exercise your brain needs.

3. A Web-Scraper

Use Python to create a web-scraper. Python and its library called Beautiful Soup can be used to extract data from HTML and XML documents. You can create a web-scraper using this method that exports data into a CSV file which can further be used to create graphs, charts, plots and more. But before you start with coding, you will need to download a Python distribution called Anaconda. It will give you access to all the libraries and tools you need to build your own project using Python!

4. A Basic Compiler

Compilers are used to compile codes into machine readable languages based on what language they are written with. A way to understand compilers in depth is to write your very own compiler, start with a very basic one. You can create a compiler for markdown. Or you can even come up with your very own programming language! Sounds fun, right? It can be a worthy project in your journey to understanding how programming works, too.
Most of these projects are described here as web app ideas. But if you’d rather practice your mobile app development skills, no worries at all! All of these ideas can be implemented both as web apps and mobile apps. Native technologies like Java or Swift as well as a hybrid technology like Flutter can be used to develop a mobile app during your projects.

That’s it. Those are our top-picks out of project ideas we have for beginner level programmers aspiring a career in development. Successfully completing a number of these projects will put your skills to test, hone them, and get you ready for the real deal. But most importantly, they will be fun and intriguing, enlightening your passion for programming. And this will be just the beginning of a marvelous journey!

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