Feb 21, 2022 |
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Feb 21, 2022
Views: 738

ActorsHI was developed with the goal to empower, showcase and elevate Hawai’i-based actors for our client, the American actress Kimee Balmilero. The idea emerged when Kimee Balmilero was repeatedly contacted by productions looking for local talents. She wanted a platform that could make recruiting Hawaiian actors for various roles simpler and easier so actors could focus more on their creativity.

ActorHI was developed by a team of :

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 5 .NET Core Developers
  • 5 Angular Developers
  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 2 QA Testers
  • 1 DevOps Engineer
  • 2 Business Analysts

Project Description

ActorsHI started its journey in April 2020. This platform enables actors to create their accounts, build their profiles up and grow by getting discovered. ActorsHI promises to provide actors with complete control over how they are represented in their profile. With the presence of agents and casting directors on the same platform, actors can share their best images, videos and audio files to get noticed. It is a platform for all Hawaiian actors regardless of their experience level.

It is a paid platform for actors where they can open an account and enter a network of actors, agents and casting directors along with the access to complementary photoshoots and monthly talkbacks with casting directors. ActorsHI also lets actors update their photos, videos, resume and performance calendar without any extra charge.

The platform was designed to make it as simple as possible for actors to stay inspired and updated with their materials. The goal was to allow talent at any level to be in control of their business and to be ready to take on opportunities.

Problem It Solves

It can be hard for actors to stay inspired and focused in the highly competitive industry. Our client knew the necessity of a platform that could represent the actors in a controlled and proper way. On the other hand, more and more productions in Hawai’i had also started to look for local talents to the point where a platform for the network of actors, agents and casting directors could make the process much easier.

Our client wanted to create a solution to all these problems and to make using a CRM not so complicated anymore.


This platform provides actors full control over how they want to be represented so that it is easier for them to grow. Actors get a free opportunity to avatar photoshoot and video slate while signing up for their yearly membership, can update their profile at any time and get represented by agencies to give them the best support.

At the same time, casting directors have the opportunity to explore actors’ profiles, schedule auditions and select suitable candidates for the auditions with ease. ActorsHI streamlines and digitizes the process of discovering and getting discovered in Hawaii’s film industry.


ActorsHI was built with microservices architecture. The platform operates through latest technologies such as AWS Cloud Hosting, messaging backbone of Apache Kafka and the high-performance database Apache Cassandra.

ActorsHI also supports audio and video content upload implemented using JW Player. And the front end was developed using Angular.


– Profile Update

Actors can create a profile and add their photos, videos, resume and performance calendar to it. This profile can also be updated with new photos and other materials without any extra cost.

Agents and casting directors are able to sign up free of cost and browse actors’ profiles.

– Creation and Subscription to Auditions

Casting directors have the ability to create auditions for a specific production or role which actors are welcome to subscribe to. Casting directors can then accept or reject their audition request.

– Actor Representation and Agencies

An agent can start an agency and represent upto three actors through it. An actor can only be represented by one agent at a time. Actors have the ability to give editing access of their profiles to their agents in different modes.

– Business Pages

Casting directors can create a business page and add any number of project details. A business page can have more than one casting director and ownerships can be transferred as well.