Sep 27, 2021 |
Views: 1779
Sep 27, 2021
Views: 1779
BizzyB is a first-of-its-kind story-based EdTech learning platform created for students, innovators and startups. It blends multiple learning styles to make learning engaging and efficient.

BizzyB was developed by a team of:

  • 1  Project Manager
  • 1  Product Manager
  • 8 .NET Core Developers
  • 5 Angular Developers
  • 1  UI/UX Designer
  • 4 QA Testers
  • 1  DevOps Engineer
  • 2 Business Analysts

Project Description

Our team developed BizzyB for a Hawaii-based nonprofit organisation called Bizgenics that specializes in creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation programmes. That was the main idea behind BizzyB – creating a collaboration platform for students, entrepreneurs and innovators.

It is a first-of-its-kind learning platform where traditional and contemporary learning models are used in combination with cutting-edge information technologies to create a next generation education system.

Problem It Solves

With the rise of computer automation, knowledge-based jobs are becoming less valued and soft skills are getting more and more important. Because these skills can’t easily be automated or replaced by computers. But unfortunately, skills like creativity, innovation, emotional intelligence and leadership are still absent from the education curricula.

To be competent in the 21st century world, students of today can not be confined to this curriculum. They need to develop their soft skills while not eliminating traditional knowledge-gathering education. But there was no blend of traditional and contemporary learning styles available to students or innovators resulting in a scarcity of creative development in the young generation.


To solve the problem with soft skill development, the idea of BizzyB was proposed as an online entrepreneurial-based learning platform where students complete goal-oriented projects. It focuses on problem solving so that students and entrepreneurs can prepare for the business world where solving problems efficiently is the main objective.

  • BizzyB tackles all essential themes of innovation.
  • Provides the user with real-time resources such as lessons, instructions & tips.
  • Lets team members collaborate on pitch decks and business reports.
  • BizzyB’s journaling sections mirror C-suite roles (CEO, CTO, CMO, CFO & CSO).
  • Makes design thinking easier to understand with story-based innovation.


Following are some of the features included in BizzyB. Most features are linked to a home screen titled The Workspace to provide easy access and efficient collaboration opportunities. Following are some of the features included in BizzyB. Most features are linked to a home screen titled The Workspace to provide easy access and efficient collaboration opportunities.

– Collaboration Journal

BizzyB projects center around a concept development journal where a team can brainstorm, create and evolve 5 essential themes of design thinking and innovation. Text, image & video upload, comment sidebars and feedback surveys are included with the journal feature.

– Comments & Messaging

Team members and mentors can collaborate on a real time basis using comment channels and direct messaging. It also enhances social connection.

– Optional Lessons & Quizzes

Complete with mastery knowledge, step-by-step exercises, assignments, deadlines and quizzes. Lessons are available within projects to aid in critical thinking and concept development.

– Decks & Portfolios

Pitch decks and business plans are auto-generated from journals. Projects are featured in the user’s digital portfolio.

– Online Contests

Projects can be entered into hackathons and business plan competitions. BizzyB library is filled with contests with mentors, judges and prizes.

– Creativity Assessment

For educators, soft skill surveys include VIBE® Creative Skill Aspirations, 4Cs (creativity, critical-thinking, collaboration & communication skills), EIS (entrepreneurship & innovation), MTC, Snapshot & SEL.