May 7, 2022 |
Views: 1086
May 7, 2022
Views: 1086 is an AI-based hiring platform that works as a simple way to hire the right candidates for employers all over the world. This platform brings jobseekers and employers together and matches suitable candidates with job openings using AI.

Team Members, being a startup, was quite strict and lean regarding resource engagement. It was developed by a small team of –

  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 1 Backend Developer
  • 1 Frontend Developer
  • 1 Mobile App Developer
  • 1 QA Tester
  • 1 AI/ML Engineer
  • 1 Data Engineer

Project Description was born in November 2020 as an HR-tech startup. It paved a way for employers to go through their hiring process remarkably hassle-free. There are two user-types on this platform marked as employers and jobseekers.

As an employer, one can open their company profile, add necessary information and create job posts. There are handy tools like questionnaire templates that let the platform automatically pre-screen jobseekers who apply to the job. As a result, an HR professional can skip hours of skimming through useless CVs and applications and get a filtered list of candidates automatically, thereby saving valuable time. Once the candidates are short-listed, employers can connect with jobseekers through direct messages on the same platform and potentially schedule interviews.

Many employers in Bangladesh have already started using this platform for their hiring purposes. Some of such employers include Astha IT, Celestial Tech, Bangladesh Petroleum Company Limited, Omega Exim and Distribution Limited among others.

As a jobseeker, one can sign up and curate their profile to present their interests and skills in an attractive manner and upload their CV. The platform automatically suggests relevant jobs to a jobseeker without the need to go through a lot of manual filtering. And then they can apply to the job almost instantly as most of the information is filled up by automatically.

Problem It Solves

Employers and HR-professionals are usually bombarded with a mountainous pile of CVs whenever they post a job opening. Getting through and sorting them usually means a long, time-consuming, tedious process. And doing it manually sometimes even means the inability to find the right candidate because of human error.

On the other hand, jobseekers often find it difficult to search, apply and keep track of relevant jobs from various sources. And most of us already know that the searching process is tedious and the application process is often frustrating.


With the help of AI-driven technology, almost diminishes the reason for manual sorting of applicants. It is automatically accomplished by the platform so the employer gets an already filtered and sorted list of candidates. This saves the employer from wasting much valuable time so they can focus on finding the best candidates for their openings.

In case of jobseekers, provides filtered job suggestions accustomed to the user’s profile. This saves them from a lot of hassle that come with job search. And the application process is convenient so that jobseekers need to spend the minimum amount of time and effort.


The platform is created using the .NET Framework and coded using C#. The dynamic web page of the platform was created using Razor View Engine. And the real-time messaging feature is embedded using Singlar.

The platform also uses ElasticSearch as its search engine. Its development team has used MongoDB as the database along with AWS and Microsoft IIs as servers.


– Dedicated Profiles

Employers and jobseekers can create different profiles and add all necessary information.

– Employer Dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard for employers to keep track of jobs posted and candidate processing.

– Pre-Screening

Questionnaire creation and sharing with a job posting to pre-screen eligible candidates.

– Hiring Workflow

Invite a candidate to interview, score them on their abilities, select them for hire or send a direct message to them easily from the hiring workflow screen.

– AI-Powered Employer Search

Find a list of employers with job openings matching one jobseeker’s profile.

– Advanced Job Search Functionality

Create relevant and convenient filters for the job search.

– Applying to Jobs

Quick and easy application process within the platform without the hassle of email or attachments.