December 29, 2021 |
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December 29, 2021 |
Views: 64
SoSuite is a simple Customer Relationship Management software designed for small businesses and nonprofits. It is focused on making the setting up of the CRM easy and quick along with providing custom features to its users.

SoSuite was developed by a team of :

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Product Manager
  • 8 .NET Core Developers
  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 4 QA Testers
  • 1 DevOps Engineer
  • 2 Business Analysts

Project Description

Our team developed SoSuite for our US-based client SaaS Ventures. The idea behind it was to develop a simple and easy-to-use CRM that can deliver all the necessary features without taking hours on setup and maintenance. The project follows a plug-in based architecture. Which means, every new feature is developed as a new plug-in and then deployed into the system without touching its core.

This architecture makes developing and deploying new features less complicated and time-consuming. Moreover, the platform aids in collaboration and analysis through its various features. A shared task manager with the team, the ability to attach notes and documents to contacts and a way to connect with analytics tools all were developed to meet these purposes.

Problem It Solves

Almost every business requires a customer relationship management system. But the problem with most CRMs available is that they are highly complicated with long manuals and a lot of time required to set them up. And most of the time, it’s difficult to get the kind of support a business needs from the CRM developers.

Our client wanted to create a solution to all these problems and to make using a CRM not so complicated anymore.


In order to solve these issues, SoSuite was developed as a super simple and easy to use CRM with personalized support and custom features that can be set up within minutes. It also incorporated the plug-in based architecture that makes it highly scalable and easily extensible.

The platform can be used to optimize a company’s operational processes. Its features also let users manage and create a bank of customer relationship assets thereby improving top-line sales and funding.


SoSuite provides two types of features to Businesses and Nonprofits. The Business CRM features include –

– Ease of Use Features

It’s a set of features including simple contact uploads, bulk import, easy analytics, profile connection and document uploading. These features are implemented in their simplest forms to make the platform quickly and easily functioning.

– Relationship Banking

Lets the user add notes and documents to their contacts as well as share the documents with anyone they want – inside and outside the company.

– Task Management

A management calendar to share within the company that helps with getting tasks done. This feature includes the ability to assign, set reminders and get notifications on task completion.

– Analytics

The CRM can be connected with popular analytics tools such as Google, Facebook and Twitter to keep track of various analysis criteria.

And the Nonprofit CRM features include:

– Fundraising Features

The place to manage grant applications, donor lists and giving history. It also includes a task calendar to keep the user on track.

– Donor Management

Digital integrations with syndication services, social media and SEO to help users with donor retention as well as engagement.

– Outcome Reporting

This feature enables users to set goals and track program impacts so accurate grant reports can be created easily.

– Membership Management

This is a tool to engage with members to set the organization towards growth.