Oct 19, 2021 |
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Oct 19, 2021
Views: 1413

StrataSpot is a cloud-based multi-tenant SaaS PropTech platform aimed to solve apartment management and living. It facilitates interactions among residents, the management, the larger community and enhances the way how apartments are managed in Australia.

StrataSpot was developed by a team of

  • 1  Project Manager
  • 1  Product Manager
  • 8 .NET Core Developers
  • 1  UI/UX Designer
  • 4 QA Testers
  • 1  DevOps Engineer
  • 2 Business Analysts

Project Description

In the beginning of this platform’s journey, it was known as the CyberCommunity. It was born from an idea of the Founder and CEO of Oenju based in Sydney, Australia. He had realised that the complexity and conflicting priorities of a strata would require a unique solution. CyberCommunity was created to address this in the early 2000s.

Although being a disruptive idea, there still were potential technical developments. For example, the platform was bound to a desktop system and couldn’t be accessed from a mobile device. As newer and more robust coding languages became available, StrataSpot needed an overhaul to keep up with the ever-evolving world of technology.

Astha IT took the project and decided to update the platform. The whole platform was completely rebuilt from the ground up to make it robust and up-to-date.

Problem It Solves

In a building, tenants and residents all have to communicate with building managers, strata managers and property managers when they need something done or fixed. This communication is often slow and decentralized causing residents to live with problems until the complaints reach the concerning authority.

Sometimes things would even get lost and issues would remain unsolved without any accountability. Because most of these communications are done through phone calls or one-to-one emails. But much like many other struggles of our day to day life, this problem could also be solved with the help of technology.


In order to solve the stated problem, StrataSpot was developed. It centralizes the whole process of communication among residents, the management and the larger community and allows tenants and residents to have full visibility on the issues around their building while they are being done.

The platform creates full transparency for owners so they can quickly access noticeboards, tenant information, maintenance requests and other information from any devices. It also helps develop communal relationships with the use of its private group chat feature.

Most importantly, this is a multi-tenant SaaS platform for any strata or apartment owning and management company. With its single-hosted codebase, the client of the system can point his business domain to the platform, change the skin of the app as per their brand color and theme with easy configurability from the system panels without needing to make any changes to the code.


Following are some of the features included in StrataSpot.

– Bylaws management

Along with all other tasks and notifications, one can access their saved bylaws from the bylaws tab under the dashboard.

– Tenants management

Owners can manage tenants by viewing their shared information, maintenance requests and facility booking.

– Digital noticeboard

Every resident will be able to find and access all the information they require by simply logging in.

– Facility booking

Residents can self-manage activities such as facilities and car-space booking in real time by checking the availability and booking from any device.

– Reporting maintenance request

Residents can post maintenance requests online and track the job status from their StrataSpot account.

– Private groups

Different clubs or groups can be created among the residents and tenants of a building. These groups are private and one can be based on a variety of activities or interests.

– Mobility

StrataSpot is cloud-based. Data tracked and kept in StrataSpot can be accessed from any device from anywhere in the world.