Transcom Digital

Mar 29, 2022 |
Views: 1855
Mar 29, 2022
Views: 1855

Transcom Digital is the ecommerce platform owned by Transcom Electronics Ltd., a leading electronics and electrical subsidiary of one of the biggest business conglomerates in Bangladesh. From marketing and distributing consumer lighting to home appliances from renowned brands, Transcom Electronics has built an extensive distribution and retailing network.

Being such a large brand with its massive customer base, Transcom Electronics needed to keep up with the competition. Most successful businesses these days are moving online enabling themselves to deliver a more convenient service to their customers thereby expanding their sales. It was the demand of time that Transcom Electronics, too, moved online and built their own ecommerce website. And they did just that. They got an ecommerce site created to run their business and branded it as Transcom Digital.

Project Description

Unfortunately for Transcom Digital, this website could not serve them for long. It is not easy to build and maintain an ecommerce website that requires such high scalability and robust technological infrastructure as the huge business suggests. As a result, within just a couple of years, Transcom Digital’s old ecommerce website became unmaintainable.

The company had to find a better solution at this point. They needed an online presence to run their business. And yet their efforts did not lead to a good solution. In their search for a better one, they contacted Astha IT. As the software company has a track record of building successful scalable ecommerce websites and the team loves a good challenge, Astha IT happily took on the opportunity and got cracking on building one of the cleanest looking, most optimized and feature-heavy ecommerce websites of the country.

The new Transcom Digital has been launched in February of 2022. The project includes an ecommerce website and a mobile application for both Android and iOS. It is a highly scalable e-commerce platform that seamlessly accommodates the immense traffic the large business gets while keeping the costs reasonable. The website includes most e-commerce related features including store locator, EMI and campaigns. The mobile application focuses on providing an easy-going experience to the user along with most of the features from the web app.

The backend is a microservice-based architecture containing .NET Core based microservices. At the heart of this system, Kafka was used as a message broker. The frontend is created using ReactJS and being benefited from Statically Generated Site using Next.js. Amazon’s elastic load balancer, Kubernetes and Docker were used to facilitate scalability and load balancing.

In terms of database systems, the team has used Redis, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, MongoDB and PostgreSQL. For email and notification services, Amazon’s Simple Email Service and Simple Notification Service was used.

Some of our favorite features included in Transcom Digital are as follows.

– EMI Facilities

EMI can be availed by the customer directly from the platform by using a credit card.

– Product Loan

In case of absence of a credit card, a product loan can be taken through the integration of IPDC Consumer Financing.

– Omni Channel Feature

Store managers have the ability to help their customers in placing an order without accessing any personal information of said customer.

– Partial Payment

Buyer can make just a part of the payment initially and avail any other method for the rest of the payment.

– Campaigns

Special offers and sales can be added and updated by Transcom Digital and visited by the in a separate tab.

– Basic Ecommerce Features

Other basic ecommerce features such as payment methods, discount codes etc. are implemented into the platform. This platform has all features of a national or international ecommerce platform such as Daraz or BestBuy.

With the new ecommerce platform being in service for just a couple months, Transcom Digital has already seen a spike in their sales. Their average traffic of unique visitors reached upto 167% and their sales have plummeted to a significant 122%. Astha IT is proud to be a part of this success story of a Bangladeshi business and hopes to play a significant role in the progress and development of the ecommerce industry in Bangladesh and beyond.