Astha IT kick-starts the first batch of Dev Bootcamp for Coding Champs!

Dec 1, 2020 |
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With a few exceptions, we have noticed that a vast majority of computer science graduates of our country are not industry-ready. Some are very good problem solvers, but do not know anything about tech. Some know tech well, but do not know how to mature as a complete software engineer.

Astha IT has taken an initiative offering an unique and ambitious internship program tailored to these fresh graduates. The program, called Astha IT Dev Bootcamp for Coding Champs, is committed to provide a hands-on, project-based 360-degree training to a group of promising CS graduates.

The program will be conducted in-house for three months, and will be tutored by Astha IT’s very best engineers. We have crafted a syllabus focusing on latest industry trends and requirements, that include latest frontend and backend techs, design patterns and advanced algorithms. We are hoping to arrange and continue this program thrice a year.

This advanced training will be provided to a group of selected students, completely free of cost. On top of that, Astha IT will hire some of the best performers once the internship program is completed. We will also help with job placement for the rest of the interns. All participants will receive experience and achievement certificates.

All these features and benefits make Astha IT Dev Bootcamp for Coding Champs the best technical internship program of our country. You can check out the details of this program here.

The first batch of the program has commenced on December 1, 2020 and will end on February 28, 2021.