Astha IT partners with Odoo to offer its multi-dimensional business services to Bangladesh.

Jun 23, 2022 |
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In a recent partnership with Odoo – the open-source ERP and CRM, Astha IT has brought their services to Bangladeshi businesses with a vision to expand the horizon of its offerings and to build a more tech-efficient digital Bangladesh.

Odoo is a suite of business solutions that are known to be all inclusive. With 7 million users around the world, Odoo promises to

  • Boost your sales.
  • Efficiently streamline your operations.
  • Accurately manage your finances.
  • Smoothly deal with payroll, inventory and many more!
Astha IT sees great promise in this partnership and is excited to enable Bangladeshi businesses with Odoo’s firepower! Check out Odoo’s services here or contact us to learn more!