Happy birthday to Astha IT.

Sep 1, 2009 |
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Time just flies!

I remember the day when Astha IT was born a year ago – we had a small office with 3 staffs only. After one year, we are celebrating its birthday in grand style in an office double the size with a team four times larger!

Our growth has been exponential and we thank the team for their tremendous hard work to make it possible. Our heartfelt thanks goes to all our clients as well who are continuously relying on us as the partner and the service provider of their choice.

Now, let’s get back to the details of the party, shall we?

It began in the office – we arranged an awards ceremony recognizing the best three talents we have, where the recipients of the awards received gifts raging from 500GB portable hard drive to surround sound system. The best part of the show was – every other member of the team, starting from the CEO to the office peon, also received small souvenir that proves we care for all. This part of the event ended by cutting a cake specially designed for the anniversary party.

The team then went to the Sports Zone and was engaged in various recreational activities – the major portion of which was a bowling competition! As we grew hungry, we went to the exquisite Casablanca Restaurant for dining. The food was great, but the gathering was better. Not only it included the current members of Astha IT, but also all the individuals who are though not officially the members of the company but made significant contribution to its growth.

The finishing event of the party was probably its best! We went to Move-N-Pick and jumped on the ice-creams. Each of us competed to have as many scoops as possible, as if we never had ice-creams before 🙂

The Official Anniversary Party 2009 was simply awesome – something we will never forget, something we can never forget, something we will always cherish!