Ask anyone in the industry, and they would not hesitate to confirm that Astha IT offers one of the best work environments in the country.


Astha IT is not “yet another tech company” in the block. We at Astha IT are not entangled by typical bureaucratic rules and regulations. We never consider ourselves colleagues and never do we feel to work in a “company”. Astha IT is the name of a family driven by passion for technology innovation, and in the same time, by coziness and fun. We are always careful to maintain an environment that brings the best out of our family members and let them self-actualize.


Our organizational culture promotes learning and knowledge sharing through arranging weekly seminars and monthly programming contents and encourages team members to participate in external tech workshops.


We have some of the brightest minds working for us and we make sure they keep joining us in more volume by organizing various recreational activities, parties and multiple yearly tours – both domestic and international, fully office-paid!


Beside its brilliant workforce and proactive environment, Astha IT has a state-of-the-art technology development facility equipped with 24/7 power supply (with several backup power generators), high-speed Internet connectivity and most upgraded versions of development tools.
It was not the financial benefit we had in mind when we started Astha IT. Our only vision was to give birth to an organization that could eventually establish itself as a center of excellence for technology innovation. Working with passionate effort and dedication over these years, we have indeed reached our goal of becoming one of the best tech companies in the world!
Hasnaeen Rizvi Rahman

Founder of Astha IT

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We created a document, a cultural DNA for our employees to embody and preach. As we practice 100% transparency, we boldly share our internal document with you through the linked button below.