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Astha IT practices transparency regarding all of its operations. Any questions regarding our business, you can find an answer here.
What are the technologies you work with?

With an engineering team as big as 500+ people, you can always expect to find resources of any skills you require. Check out our areas of expertise here.

Have you worked with my industry before?
We have experience in working with many industries. Some of our work has been on cybersecurity, FinTech, EdTech, HRTech, PropTech, marketing and advertising, retail & ecommerce, games & entertainment to name a few. Check out our domain experiences here.
Can your team communicate in English?
Of course, they can. Our team works with clients from many different countries and English is the preferred language for all international projects. Every member of our team has proficiency in English and is able to engage in effective communication. We not only test communication skills while hiring but also train our employees continuously to help them improve.
Where are your developers located?
We have development teams across three different time zones, located in multiple countries including Bangladesh, India, Romania, Poland, Argentina and Brazil.
How long will it take to get started on a project with you?
The time needed to start a project depends on various factors including its scope and needs. On an average, we need 1-2 weeks to get started in full swing.
What’s the typical turnaround time to finalize hires after sending job descriptions of the resources I require?
It can take as quick as 3 days and no more than 6 weeks.
Do you have a minimum engagement period for a resource we hire from you?
Yes, 6 months. However, in special circumstances we allow as low as 3 months.
Can I communicate with my hired developers during the project?
Definitely. The team working on your project will follow any online communication and project management methods you choose. You can hold your own standups and weekly syncs. You can create dedicated Slack channels to chat with developers. Our goal is to build the best product we can for you and that calls for effective communication.
Can your team handle a project as complex as ours?
You bet! We draw from the global talent pool and take pride in having some of the most talented and passionate tech professionals in our team. Our developers love a good challenge. Let us know your requirements and we will inform you if it is a right fit for us.
What if the developers you provide don’t work out for us?
We understand that a good fit cannot be guaranteed 100% of the time. In such unfortunate (and rare) cases, we replace the developers within 1-2 weeks, and we don’t charge for two weeks of work for every replaced resource.
Can I interview developers before hiring?
Absolutely! Although all our resources are highly tested and vetted already, we allow one interview per resource before you decide to hire. Check out our vetting process here.
Can I look at developers’ resumes before starting the project?
Of course.
What is your pricing model?
We have three engagement models. One where we charge a monthly fee for the team. This means you will be paying a ‘salary’ to every tech professional you hire from us. Another is a flat fee for the whole project. The third is the time and material based – meaning you pay as you use. Find the details of each of these models on this page. Our pricing system is simple and neat making it easily understandable for you. You can contact us for a rate card if you are interested.
What is the smallest number of developers I can hire?
Any. You can just start with one.