Maximizing revenue growth: Finding new opportunities within existing accounts.

Sep 10, 2023 |
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Let’s start with some statistics.

  • Did you know that retaining existing customers is 6 to 7 times less expensive than acquiring new ones? (Source: Bain & Company)
  • Repeat customers, on average, spend 67% more (Source: Bain & Company)
    60% of companies believe they should be generating 25% or more revenue from strategic accounts (Source: RAIN Group)When it comes to increasing sales and maximizing profits, it is beneficial to focus on growing existing customer accounts. While lead generation and gaining new customers are important, increasing revenue from those who already know and appreciate your business is often an easier and better marketing strategy than looking for new customers.
  • By initiating conversations about upselling or cross-selling with existing customers, you can leverage their loyalty and satisfaction to benefit your business.

Here’s how you can increase your revenue from your existing client base:

1. Customer loyalty programs

Repeat customers are your bread and butter. To keep your customers returning, reward them with freebies or incentives. Most businesses provide loyalty cards to their most valued customers. This helps create a positive buzz for your business and increases customer satisfaction.

2. Offer financial incentives for booking extra work

This is a good approach to getting more work from your existing clients. Whenever you complete a project with a client, offer them financial incentives such as discounts the next time they assign you additional work within a given time period. For example, you can offer your clients 10% discounts for any additional work if they hire you within a month.

3. Select profitable accounts

Not all of your accounts have the same growth or profit potential. Select customers with stronger relationships with your company, operate in specific industries or locations, and are receptive to new ideas, as these clients have greater growth potential. In addition, ask your clients if they’re interested in establishing a deeper strategic relationship with your company, as this can help you identify the right customers that offer greater value to your business.

4. Be proactive

It’s not uncommon to see how companies have lost some of their most loyal customers to competitors even if they could provide them with the same products and services. This happens either because the customer forgot the company and didn’t know the company provided the products and services.

You can minimize this by proactively marketing your products and services to your existing clients and reemphasizing your company’s capabilities to meet their needs. But don’t go overboard by sending them unsolicited pitches.

Rather, focus on building strong customer relationships by providing valuable insights and ideas. This way, customers will consider you over your competitors whenever they want a product or service.

Businesses heavily rely on referrals to acquire new clients. Therefore, Leverage your relationships with your existing clients to make new ones.

5. Be knowledgeable of all products and services you offer

It’s highly unlikely that everyone in your sales team knows everything about your company’s products and services. Consequently, there may be situations where they may not be able to address all the customer queries or identify what a customer wants for a specific problem.

Besides, we also think having in-depth knowledge about the company’s products or services is unnecessary.

What’s more important is how to ask the right questions and single out the triggers that can help identify the customer’s needs and how your company can solve them. Once you’ve done this, you can refer an expert from your sales team who can provide more context to customer queries.

6. Address customers’ unmet needs

To generate more revenue from your existing accounts, you need to have conversations with your existing clients and encourage them to discuss their needs. This will help you better understand their unmet needs and anticipate how you can offer more value. Moreover, this approach helps you gain insights into your products and services, which is essential for developing new products and improving the existing product and services.

7. Share useful and engaging content regularly

Publishing new content, updating existing content on your website, and sharing it all on your social media channels is effective in gaining leads and converting them into paying customers. Once you’ve gained a sizable amount of new clients, it’s important to nurture them.

Utilize email marketing to share useful and informative content with your customers. For instance, you can produce educational articles related to your industry or provide helpful tips on how they can use your products and services. This help build trust and increases customer satisfaction, making them more likely to be repeat customers.

8. Run targeted upselling or cross-selling offers

Upselling or cross-selling to your existing customers by running targeted promotional campaigns can effectively generate more revenue. Instead of just offering discounts, be thoughtful and include new versions of popular items or items complementary to what they already like. For instance, you could pair a premium plug-in for the software they purchased.

9. Respond to user feedback

We already mentioned that new customer acquisition is expensive and time–consuming. Build rapport with your existing clientele who are familiar with your brand and have interacted with it. Set up channels to get feedback from your existing clients, such as customer surveys or data analysis. Ask them why they chose your brand, the value it provides, and if there is anything to improve. Analyze the feedback from these questions to identify areas of improvement and make the necessary changes.

10. Offer great customer service

Finally, offering great customer service is essential to satisfy customers and consistently generate revenue. Ensure your customer support team is proactive and responsive when addressing customer queries. Ensuring that all customer complaints are responded to promptly and addressed appropriately is also critical. Investing in customer service will help build loyalty and ensure customers don’t switch to competitors.


It’s important to acquire new customers, but it’s always easy to reconnect with our existing customers or revitalize our existing accounts with high potential growth potential to maximize revenue. By utilizing the strategies above, you will see a revenue boost and find new growth opportunities.
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