The CEO of Astha IT presents his views on Web3 on the TEDx platform.

Apr 28, 2022 |
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The founder and CEO of Astha IT, Hasnaeen Rizvi Rahman, has recently attended a TEDx event in Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology and made his mark in the elite league of speakers. In his TEDx Talk, he shed light on the impacts of Web3 and how it is going to shape the world in newer and braver curves. His inspiring articulation focused on a bold question, “Will Web3 change the human civilization in the next 20 years?”

Being a passionate technologist and entrepreneur, Hasnaeen Rizvi Rahman is one of the industry veterans in the country to cover such a topic. His TEDx Talk was not only intriguing but also inspiring as it showed the audience hopes of a decentralized and safer world!

Watch Hasnaeen Rizvi Rahman’s TEDx Talk below!