Accelerate your business growth with our trusted Partnership Program.

What is the Partnership Program about?

Our Partnership Program is uniquely designed for businesses of every size, everywhere. It is a zero-cost program aimed to be beneficial for both your business and ours. The purpose is to help companies with great domain expertise who need technical assistance. So you can focus on what you do best, and we can take care of all technical necessities.

Our highly-effective skill set and expertise have helped many businesses since 2008. Our successful partnerships range across traditional software companies, technical recruiters, product companies, traditional businesses, banks, government agencies and many more.

In this program, Astha IT will work very much like the tech department of your own company, allowing you to leverage your sales and entrepreneurial skills to create a new long-term revenue stream for yourself.

Who is the Partnership Program for?

Product Companies

If you are struggling to stay within your budget and timeline while developing a product, this program is for you.

Our agile development processes can cut a product’s time to market by up to 66% and our reasonably priced resources can decrease production costs significantly. On top of that, you will gain free access to our product and market research teams to help with further ideation and development, thereby giving you a huge advantage over your competitors!

Tech Evangelists
Are you passionate about an emerging technology and willing to promote it? Or maybe you sell your service or consultancy on the domain of your expertise? We can join your endeavor!

Our tech professionals are both passionate and knowledgeable about emerging technologies, quite like you. Capitalize on their skillset and transform the newest technologies into groundbreaking business opportunities. Get support in your mission from our team!

IT Consultancies
Are you a software or IT consultancy firm facing bottlenecks with your development capacities? Are you having issues with keeping up the supply against your clients’ demands?

Gain access to a larger team of tech professionals without taking any risks! Our team has great experience in FinTech, EdTech and other industries that can help your projects progress faster without any inconvenience. You sell projects, we build them for you!

Technical Recruiters
Have you run out of qualified resources to provide your clients with? Gain access to our vast pool of talent!

Our resource pool is not only massive, but is also qualified. We can help you hire vetted, proven engineers who will work remotely for your clients. This way, you can only focus on connecting your clients with the right resources instead of spending your time looking for them!

3 Simple Steps to Earn Your Referral Commission


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Become a Partner

We’ll then send over a Partnership Agreement with terms and benefits of the program. Once the document is signed, you’ll become our partner of growth!


Start Referring

All you’ll have to do is submit hot leads. We’ll contact the party and close out the deal. You will then receive up to 15% of the project’s closing numbers.

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