Importance of the technical discovery phase.

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According to statistics, nine out of ten new businesses fail. If we think about it, entrepreneurs often begin with the idea that evolves midway through, causing them to reevaluate their objectives. The difficulty lies in how difficult it can be to complete a job from beginning to end.

It’s typical for startups to look for temporary fixes because the process is far more complicated than most people anticipate. This applies to both strategy and—the topic of our discussion today—technology. It is not your fault if you don’t understand how technology affects a company today. The information isn’t exactly well known, after all. Also, technology advances quite quickly.

The most successful companies, nevertheless, recognize the value of technology. This implies that they carefully select the appropriate technology for their situation. Internet commerce is more cutthroat than ever. You will need to be aware of the most recent technological options to compete with others in terms of performance, SEO, and Google rank.

What is the technical discovery phase?

Consider the process of technical discovery as home-building planning. You need a plan of action; you can’t just do it. There are many things to consider when you build a house, including your budget, ideas, and talking with architects to find the best solutions for your requirements.

The technical discovery phase involves in-depth research of all technological options that will best fit your project’s business goals with the project scope, much like building a house. The service provider and you collaborate to complete it. It enables the best comprehension of the client’s expectations and objectives and the selection of the most appropriate tech stack to accomplish these.

It would be best to have many questions to make the inquiry essential for technological discovery. The project’s corporate objectives, target market, issues, and top rivals must all be understood, as well as the audience’s demands and concerns. Determining the materials the customer must supply is crucial during this step.

Yet, this approach only applies to projects making their premiere. The technical discovery phase is also helpful when existing schemes need to be upgraded. In this instance, it’s more like upgrading your home, replacing outdated wallpaper with newer versions, removing it, mending the creaky floor, and addressing any leaky pipes. It’s a method for locating issues and the best fixes.

Benefits of technical discovery

There are many advantages to technical discovery. They can all increase the likelihood that your project will be more successful overall and function better.

Technical discovery is a road map enabling you to move forward from the start. To prevent you from running in the dark, that is the purpose.

 • Clarity

The clarity that comes from technological discovery is the first and most significant advantage. Clarifying your business aims and goals with technical discovery enables you to match technology with those goals best.

A thorough understanding of your project’s current situation, including its strengths and limitations, as well as its chances of commercial success, is another benefit of conducting this analysis.

 • Plan of action

You know exactly where you stand concerning your project once the procedure is finished, which is another significant benefit. We have created the whole initial project backlog. You receive a detailed action plan that details its timetable and estimated cost. In essence, we apply all of our experience to develop an entirely open and transparent program. You can either give us complete control or take full responsibility yourself. In either case, we offer you a strategy for completing your job most effectively. You will then have a project driven by the market and tailored to your and your audience’s needs.

 • Choosing the right tech

We recommend the best technologies, such as open-source and no-code solutions, to reduce the time to market and maximize the necessary investment based on our experience.

Documentation and final approval from both parties mark the conclusion of this phase. Last, we want to ensure we’ve selected the ideal technological strategy and the appropriate infrastructure for your project.

 • Long term solution

Instead of using endless band-aids, the technological discovery phase enables you to select a long-term solution. The likelihood of needing to revise the original plan midstream is further reduced by the straightforward and well-thought-out manner in which the entire process is carried out. It’s a financial commitment to the future.

 • Outcompete other projects

Better project performance results from selecting the best technology and an efficient action plan. Moreover, improved project speed translates to improved user experience, leading to improved conversion. These kinds of minor adjustments are what elevate decent projects to great ones.
Check out our playlist on efficient product development if you’re curious about the technology that could make your product more valuable.

Do you need a technical discovery phase?

Here are some questions that indicate that you need a technical discovery phase.

  • Is your project technically complex?
When it comes to completing a project successfully, straying is unacceptable. You obtain easier and better technical solutions for your project during the technical discovery phase, which helps you get rolling on the right path.

  • Are you trying to make the most of the budget?
The phase of technological discovery is the answer. You will receive a precise cost estimate, and the likelihood of unforeseen expenses will significantly reduce. We will also assist you in selecting a tech stack that will be effective over the long run instead of a quick fix.

  • Are you paying too much for features?
Many things on modern websites need to be improved with user experience or conversion. In other words, they serve no use. Furthermore, some features could be more complex and convenient for no apparent reason and can be replaced by simple, no-code alternatives.

  • Is your SEO suffering?
Website performance will suffer as a result of technical difficulties and constraints. This will consequently result in lower search engine optimization results. In general, technological discovery can significantly improve your project’s overall performance, which will ultimately result in a higher Google rank.

  • Are you attempting to prioritize and set aside high-value business opportunities?
You can learn how to execute your project in an effective and well-thought-out manner during the exploration phase. Your odds of success are changed by it.

Step-by-step process of technical discovery

Every company differs slightly from the next. It’s crucial to balance and meet the client’s demands throughout the technical discovery phase. Some customers with technological backgrounds know that their website needs some adjustments. We will take the necessary actions to ensure that a client’s request to increase their SEO rank is fulfilled. We’re there when clients want to lower bounce rates and increase conversion. If a client’s website takes too long to load and they want it to be quicker, we will take whatever necessary measures to cut off a few very costly extra seconds.
  The kick-off phase

The process begins with a kick-off meeting that lasts for 60 minutes. For your benefit and to help you understand the procedure and the status of the work, we will describe the discovery phase at this conference.

  The clarification phase

The clarification step is next, where we ask you questions to learn more about your project’s primary aims and objectives and your business background. A few examples of these questions are:

  1. What commercial purposes does your website have?
  2. What goals do your audience members have? Who are they?
  3. What’s bringing you, customers?
  4. Which internet browsers do your visitors use?
  5. What sort of gadgets are your visitors using?
  6. What are the sources of your traffic that you now have?
  7. Using what search terms do visitors find your website?
  8. Describe your leading rivals.

The end of this step, which lasts for around two to three days, includes documentation and permission from both parties.

  The investigation phase

Following the clarifying step, we go on to the investigation phase, where we seek the primary problems with the existing versions and potential solutions.

Usual steps include:

  1. You Sitemap
  2. Page Templates You Currently Have
  3. Functions at the Moment
  4. Integrations happening now
  5. Analytics and Marketing Tools

About a week later, this step concludes with both parties approving.

  The definition phase

The definition step is the next, and during this time, we’ll propose the technological solution that will work best for you. Most frequently, we recommend open-source and no-code solutions since we want to optimize your project and reduce the time to launch. For instance, we reduced the time and expenses of development by 50% while working on a project for Just In Case Estates. Another week or so passes during this step, concluding with final approval.

  The planning phase

We create a thorough action plan during the planning step, which is the last stage. The schedule and cost projection is included here. The most crucial part is that we develop a tech stack that is both economical and productive for your project.

  It’s more complex than just that.

While having a robust and tested methodology, we are not inflexible. Every time a client provides feedback, we pay attention. The method may change depending on what you are specifically looking for. Providing you with the most fantastic offer we can is a priority for us. Nonetheless, you’re free to make adjustments if you’d like.


The technical discovery phase is crucial for a successful and market-driven project. In other words, this phase puts you in a situation where you are confident that you are getting the desired product. It would be best if you also thought about how to give your customers an excellent user experience.

The essential advantage of the technical discovery phase is that it allows for developing a well-defined action plan. Cost estimates and a timeline are part of this. Reduces the possibility of adjusting your original plan midstream by carefully considering all these factors. You put money on long-term solutions as opposed to quick fixes.

Lastly, the technical discovery phase increases your project’s chance of success. It would be best if you took advantage of this step.

Purchasing a technical discovery should be on your to-do list if your software product is your primary source of income. It will only ensure the product is a complete, long-term and sustainable endeavor.

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